Children Counselor in North Palm Beach

Children Counselor in North Palm Beach

Children counselor in North Palm Beach – What does a child counselor do?

Children understand the world differently, so when they suffer from a traumatic experience, a dysfunctional home environment or any other difficult situation, they require special therapy that can help them understand and cope in their own way. A children counselor in North Palm Beach is the specialist who can perform this process.

Most important of all, your child may not be able to tell you what sort of help they need, so your judgment is critical in ensuring your child receives the therapeutic intervention that is best for them.

At Life Focus Counseling, Coaching & Educational Services, Inc., we can assist you with the positive changes you are seeking, and that your children deserve.

Our children counselor in Jupiter provides a reliable treatment through the process of developing a trusting therapeutic connection, completing practical life assessments, and utilizing individualized intervention tactics for resolving problematic symptoms and creating realistic positive outcomes.

We also offer coaching and educational service, and support groups such as:

• Education and encouragement
• ADHD/ADD/combined type basics
• 1, 2, 3 Parent magic
• Surviving your Adolescent
• Women of Connection

If you are looking for a children counselor in Jupiter, please contact our Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marleen A. Roy.

Address: The Nexus At Wellington, 8401 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33467

 Phone: 561-329-4455


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