Children Counselor in Tequesta

Children Counselor in Tequesta

At LIFEFOCUS COUNSELING, COACHING & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC. we can bring you the assistance with the positive changes you are seeking, and your children deserve.  

 Among our counseling therapies provided “HEALING THE PAST” is one of a kind therapy for Children Counseling, that consist in a reliable treatment through the process of developing a trusting therapeutic connection, completing practical life assessments, and utilizing individualized intervention tactics for resolving problematic symptoms and creating realistic positive outcomes.

This therapy is available for children, teens, adults in individual, family, or small group settings. During a Counseling Expertise Section, you can expect:

- Abuse/dysfunctional family issues
- Adhd counseling
- Anxiety/depression
- Cognition behavior therapy
- Emdr therapy for trauma/ptsd

Child counselors are specialists who can offer insight into the inner workings of your child’s development that are not necessarily visible to even those closest to the child. Most important of all, your child may not be able to tell you what sort of help they need, so your judgment is critical in ensuring your child receives the therapeutic intervention that is best for them.

At LIFEFOCUS COUNSELING, COACHING & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC We are confidential and professional services that promote wellness of clients in five areas of development - social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual.

If you are looking for Children Counselor in Tequesta, please contact our Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marleen A. Roy.

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