Drug abuse counseling in Martin County

Drug abuse counseling in Martin County

Often times life has a way of taking us through difficult time and the many phases can sometimes be a bit difficult to handle. Trying to make it to the next level of success and trying to get to a point of fulfilment can be hard at times. Whether you feel like you are stuck in a small storm or overwhelmed by many obstacles in life; there is hope and help for you and your family.  

 If it is time to shift the balance back as you “grow in life with focus”, LIFEFOCUS COUNSELING, COACHING & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC. can provide assistance to help you shift out of that dark stormy place and start experiencing the positive changes you seek. We offer a multitude of professional counseling services, with the help of our licensed mental health counselors. A list of our counseling services include:

Drug abuse counseling in Martin County  is a experience consistent and reliable counseling through the process of developing a trusting therapeutic connection, completing practical life assesments, and utilizing individualized intervention tactics for resolving problematic symptoms and creating realistic positive outcomes.

•          Cognitive Behavior Therapy for positive self-awareness And 
•          Self-Esteem Growth 
•          Relationship/Communication
•          Parenting
•          Anxiety/Depression/Recovery
•          Emdr Therapy For Trauma/Ptsd

LIFE COACHING SERVICES (phone or location sessions)
“PRESSING ON AND MOVING AHEAD” Improve life in specific ways while learning how to focus on your strengths, clarify personal/professional goals, and create a strategic smart plan of action for success

•          Drug abuse counseling in
•          Recovery/Renewal/Restoration
•          Christian Life Coaching 
•          Life Transitions

“LIFE LONG LEARNING” Gain valuable researched information, pertinent to your needs, from a variety of published authors that provide helpful support for positive insight and healthy outcomes of growth

•          Adhd Support Group
•          Bully Prevention Groups
•          Recovery Groups
•          Women Of Connection Group


If you live in the area and you are looking for Drug abuse counseling in Martin County, please contact our Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marleen A. Roy.


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Drug abuse counseling in Martin County