Drug abuse counseling in Palm Beach, FL

Drug abuse counseling in Palm Beach, FL

What type of therapy is used for substance abuse? 

 When you or a loved one suffer from substance abuse, it’s never too late to get help. Drug abuse counseling in Palm Beach can bring the necessary support to get your life back together.

 When a person takes the decision of ceasing the use of an addictive substance, there is a process that needs to be followed to make sure he or she is able to reintegrate back to day-to-day life.

The first step is going through detoxification. Substance withdrawal can cause several mental and physical problems. Detox addresses and helps control symptoms in a safe manner. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms are:

• Cravings
• Headaches
• Mood swings
• Irritability

Parallel to the detox process, drug abuse counseling is needed to help people cope with the stress, anxiety and depression that come with withdrawal. Furthermore, it addresses the causes of substance abuse to prevent the possibility of relapse.

There are many different options for drug abuse counseling in Palm Beach. This variety is due to the individual circumstances and personalities of those involved. The same solution will not work for everyone: what greatly helps one person may be useless on another.

Some ways in which patients can receive substance abuse counseling are:

• Behavioral therapy
• Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy
• Motivational therapy
• Family counseling
• 12-step programs (Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous)
• Alternative and holistic therapies (yoga, meditation, animal therapy)

Regardless of the method you choose, sessions will be frequent in the first months of rehabilitation, and will decrease in regularity as patients learn to cope with the causes of their addictions. The process of recovery takes a long time, and therapy will accompany you throughout the whole thing.

If you need drug abuse counseling in Palm Beach for yourself or a loved one, please visit Life Focus Counseling, Coaching and Educational Services! Our professional services can provide assistance with the positive changes you need.

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Drug abuse counseling in Palm Beach, FL