Life Coaching in Palm Beach

Life Coaching in Palm Beach, FL

In the continuous trascend of life between diferent levels of success and fulfilment, constantly appears obstacles that stops you from achieving your goals. You feel like you are stuck on that dificults so you can not get up and move on.

 LIFE FOCUS brings to your life coaching in Palm Beach as a tool you can use to help yourself identify those problemns and find the courage you need in your own strength so you can defeat them no matters how big they are and continue your seeking for success and whellness.

 We offer our counseling “Healing the Past” in order to help chidren, teens, adults in individual, family or small group settings to find the whellness they need, life coaching in Palm Beach gives them the necesary assistance to get that positive change they seek. Our counselor Marleen A. Roy is considered by her clients as more tan just a therapist but a strong healthy support person and her life coaching in Palm Beach Gardens is been taken as a blessing for those who are know enjoing the fruits of the best invested time, energy and money ever.

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Life Coaching in Palm Beach, FL