Life Coaching in Tequesta

Life Coaching in Tequesta

Life is not an esay journey, sometimes you need someone who hold your hands and help you to stand up from a fall or that simply joins you and show you how to shift the balance back. We can offer you that company you need, with life coaching in Tequesta: an experience consistent and reliable counseling through the process of developing the ability to identify that wich keeps you stuck in life and focus on your strengths so you can use them to move foward on your way to happines and whellness.

 Life coaching in Tequesta brings you a guidance in situations that can be so stressful and make you feel like there is no way out.

Marleen A. Roy our licensed Mental Health Counselor has helped people in several circunstances such as: abuse/disfuntional family issues, anxiety/depresión, stress/anger mangment and many others.

By encouraging people to improve their lifes in specific ways, the life coaching in Tequesta gave them the management over themselves again so they could clarify personal/profesional goals and create a strategic Smart plan for success.

We offer our servicess for children, teens, adults in individual, family or small group settings.

Change your life, get out from that dark place you are.

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Life Coaching in Tequesta