Substance abuse education in Juno Beach

Substance abuse Education in Juno Beach, FL

Substance abuse is a tragic experience that can happen to anyone. It can destroy a person’s career, health and family. And worse, its death toll is increasing: according to the Global Burden of Disease Study of 2015, around 307,400 people died from substance abuse alone.

It’s very difficult for a person who is abusing a substance to admit they need help. The root of the problem lies in prevention, and that’s where substance abuse education comes in: when people are well educated on the harms of substance abuse, it becomes less likely that they fall prey to it. That’s why a program in substance abuse education in Juno Beach like the one Life Focus Counseling offers is the best way to prevent people from misusing psychoactive substances.

Substance abuse is a problem that can happen to anyone, which is why every one of us should be educated on the matter. Life Focus’ substance abuse education program is perfect for schools and other places with vulnerable populations, but it’s also open to every kind of person who shows an interest in this vital information. The objective of substance abuse education in Juno Beach is prevention, because it’s the best way to avoid the devastation it can cause to users and their loved ones.

Are you interested in substance abuse education in Juno Beach? We invite you to contact our Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marleen Roy.

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Substance abuse Education in Juno Beach, FL