Substance abuse education in Palm Beach

Substance abuse Education in Palm Beach, FL

Substance abuse is a tragic experience that can happen to anyone. It can destroy a person’s career, health and family. And worse, its death toll is increasing: according to the Global Burden of Disease Study of 2015, around 307,400 people died from substance abuse alone.

Many people feel that substance abuse is negative, but they lack the specific knowledge to back up their opinions or they do not know how to convincingly pass the message across to notoriously vulnerable groups, like teenagers. The best source for substance abuse education in Palm Beach is Life Focus Counseling. Get the facts straight from a professional who deals with substance abuse cases on a frequent basis.

Life Focus offers a substance abuse education program aimed at informing and preventing the misuse of legal and illegal substances. Our program is led by Marleen A. Roy, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with years of experience in substance abuse recovery, who has seen firsthand what substance abuse can do to people. This experience makes her a great choice to impart substance abuse education in Palm Beach.

Are you interested in substance abuse education in Palm Beach? We invite you to contact our Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marleen Roy.

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Substance abuse Education in Palm Beach, FL