Trauma Counselor in Stuart

Trauma Counselor Stuart

Moving to the next level of success and fulfilment in life can be difficult at times. Whether you feel like you’re stuck in a small storm or overwhelmed in a tsunami there is hope and help for you and your family. If its time to shift the balance back as you “grow in life with focus”, LIFE FOCUS COUNSELING, COACHING & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC. can provide assistance with the positive changes you seek. 

 Our Professional Services are: Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Family counselor, Trauma Counselor Stuart, Life coach, Parenting counselor, depression counselor, substance abuse education, adhd/add counselor, trauma counselor, anxiety counselor, recovery support counselor, EMDR counselor, addiction counselor, Addiction counseling, Drug abuse counseling, Alcohol abuse counseling.

“HEALING THE PAST” Trauma Counselor Stuart  is a experience consistent and reliable counseling through the process of developing a trusting therapeutic connection, completing practical life assesments, and utilizing individualized intervention tactics for resolving problematic symptoms and creating realistic positive outcomes.

• Cognitive Behavior Therapy for positive self-awareness And 
• Self-Esteem Growth 
• Relationship/Communication
• Parenting
• Anxiety/Depression/Recovery
• Emdr Therapy For Trauma/Ptsd

LIFE COACHING SERVICES (phone or location sessions)
“PRESSING ON AND MOVING AHEAD” Improve life in specific ways while learning how to focus on your strengths, clarify personal/professional goals, and create a strategic smart plan of action for success

• Trauma Counselor
• Recovery/Renewal/Restoration
• Christian Life Coaching 
• Life Transitions

“LIFE LONG LEARNING” Gain valuable researched information, pertinent to your needs, from a variety of published authors that provide helpful support for positive insight and healthy outcomes of growth

• Adhd Support Group
• Bully Prevention Groups
• Recovery Groups
• Women Of Connection Group

If you live in the area and you are looking for Trauma Counselor Stuart, please contact our Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marleen A. Roy.

Phone: 561-329-4455- 772-403-5844

Trauma Counselor Stuart