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What clients are saying about our services:


“EMDR is another wonderful journey of viewing deep emotional experiences that have happened in my life. The power of letting go through EMDR was so amazing to me. I would recommend this process to my friends and family members.”


“Life coaching with Marleen has given me the ability to see the stuck position I was in for so long, and the courage to move forward out of it. She is insightful, caring, attentive, motivating, and sincere in her customized approach to helping her clients achieve their life goals. I highly recommend her services as beneficial to anyone seeking healthy, positive change in their life!”


“Marleen has helped me understand how I have been feeling and helped me be able to explain how I have been feeling to my friends and family.”


“I absolutely love my sessions with Marleen. Her compassion and understanding is exceptional. I look forward to her abilities in “righting my ship!”


"Having Marleen Roy as my Life Coach has helped me find and take the better path for my life. I found it helpful for someone to help me define my problem, identify possible solutions, then provide encouragement for me to follow through on my choice to resolve my problem. Sometimes a person does not need a therapist, but rather a strong healthy support person a Life Coach."


“Marleen has been the biggest help to me! I have gone through a difficult divorce. Not only did she give me back my self-esteem but she has helped me with my 7 year old son.”


"I love my visits with Marleen! She is amazing at what she does, and is really helping me grow as a person. I always look forward to meeting with her"


"I have been seeing Marleen on a regular basis now since September 6, 2019, and I can honestly say I am very pleased with our sessions. From prior experience with 2 to 3 therapists in New York City years ago, I know how difficult it can be to find a therapist you really feel you can trust. In just..."


"Ten years into my sobriety, I hit an emotional bottom which was so deep and painful that I realized I needed professional help. Marleen Roy has worked with me and safely guided me towards a new level of healing and wellness. As a faithful and grateful member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I see now that I need to augment my recovery program with the care provided by private therapy. I will continue to trust the process I have embarked upon with Marleen because the results are very tangible. Meeting her and working with her is truly a blessing. The time, energy and money I have invested in this therapy is the best money I have ever spent."


"Marlene helps me see vantage points that I am blind to and gives me focus points to keep me moving forward. She is not shy to tell you things you need to hear and it is what I respect most about our sessions. We have done virtual and in person sessions where she continues to help me find what is best for me personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Marlene as a top notch therapist in the Palm Beach area."

Serving Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Martin County and Surrounding Areas for 12 years